VOGA Design Forces provides a holistic range of Architectural, Interior designing and Landscaping services to a diversity of clients to cater their needs. We solve all the big and small day-to-day problems one may face in the field of design and architecture. Our approach consists of continuous probe and insightful precision. Feasible considerations like the client’s needs, constructability and the budget are carefully refined in a solution.


With an extensive portfolio of creations in countries such as Singapore, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Australia, VOGA Design Forces continues to stamp its mark on the interior architecture in ways that are as diverse as our discerning clientele. Our international design office comprises a team of specialized architects, interior designers and art historians resulting in a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives; synergies which form the basis of our unique vision on architecture and design.


Eco-friendliness and other society based beneficial concepts are embedded in all of our designs and there is no compromise when it comes to that. Our motto set by our founder, Sameer Ghouri, is that there is no better achievement than having a Well-served Client.


VOGA Design Forces has an aesthetic attitude about design and architecture. We believe that it is about defining a personal life world that bears the apex of an individual style. That is why in every design and concept, we strive to recreate that original sense of harmony that resonates through everything that we call Beautiful.


At VOGA Design Forces, everything begins with the notion of mastery that stands the test of time. Knowledge and knowhow, of materials and techniques, form an unconditional but limitless source of inspiration for our designs. Our designs not only encapsulate a personal vision of the here and now, but also embody an orientation towards the future. We have a ferocious commitment to purity of design and that implies a meticulous attention to each detail. We believe that when each detail is looked into, it reflects on the whole.

What We Think About Design

Design impacts all our lives in ways subtle and overt. From our phones to our coffee pots, every object is a function of design.


Great design is more than just good aesthetics. It is the way we use objects. An iPad or an Eames chair are beautiful by themselves, but you can’t truly appreciate their design until you start using them. It's only then that you experience all the subtle touches, all the things visible and invisible that make great design.

Sameer Ghouri

Creative Head

Ar. Navin

Associate Architect

Rahul Bollini

Business Developer


jr. Architect

M Monica

Sr. Architect

Md Saddam

Site Supervisor



+91 7569216492 | info@voga.design

Banjara Hills, Road No: 12 Hyderabad, Telangana 500034.

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